marți, 22 noiembrie 2011

Teodora Iacob & Eufonia Chamber Orchestra

Lansarea noului album "Efecte Secundare"
Marti, 29 noiembrie, ora 19:00
Casa Radio (Radio Cluj, TVR Cluj), str. Donat, nr. 160, Cluj Napoca
Teodora Iacob - chitara & voce impreuna cu orchestra de camera Eufonia.
CD-uri cu noul album vor fi puse in vanzare dupa spectacol.

joi, 25 august 2011

Teodora Iacob & Eufonia String Quartet LIVE!

Locatie - Piata Muzeului, Cluj Napoca

Ora - 20:00

Teodora Iacob - chitara, voce
Rares Munthiu - vioara I
Remus Gaspar - vioara II
Mihai Osvat - viola
Mihai Barbul - violoncel

joi, 2 iunie 2011

Adrian Ivanitchi & Teodora Iacob

Vineri, 3 iunie am placerea sa fiu invitata si sa cant alaturi de Adrian Ivanitchi in IMPERIUM PUB, Sibiu.
Ne vedem acolo, da?

luni, 11 aprilie 2011

Teodora Iacob & Eufonia String Quartet LIVE! @ RADIO CLUJ

Astazi, ora 22:00 sunt invitata, impreuna cu Eufonia String Quartet la emisiunea lui Tudor Runcanu,  Azilul de la miezul noptii, vor fi discutii despre noul proiect impreuna cu cvartetul Eufonia si se va canta live. Vor fi si apeluri in direct, asa ca va invit sa ascultati si sa participati la aceasta emisiune.

Radio Cluj se poate asculta pe frecventele 95.6MHZ | 95.4MHZ | 909KHZ | 1404KHZ | 1593KHZ
sau online pe
host: Tudor Runcanu

guitar & voice - Teodora Iacob
violin - Rares Munthiu
violin - Remus Gaspar
viola - Mihai Osvat
cello - Flaminia Nastai

miercuri, 9 martie 2011

Home Of The Blues

Home Of The Blues este un blog cu si despre blues, contine sectiuni ca Artisti [A-Z], Piesa Zilei (unde  poti propune si tu), Instrumente muzicale, Festivaluri&Concerte, Noutati, Carti. De la Robert Johnson care tinea spectacole pe vapoarele cu aburi de pe Mississippi in anii '20 si Ma Rainey care sublinia in aceeasi perioada ca si blues-ul feminin e mai mult decat o "paranteza" pana la cei mai noi protagonisti ai acestui stil muzical Guy Davis, Sue Folley, Ben Harper, Lenny Kravitz. Haide si tu in casa (blogul) in care blues-ul e tot ce conteaza!

miercuri, 9 februarie 2011

Sighisoara Blues Festival 2011

Blues-ul si istoria reunite sub sloganul "pentru cei care iubesc blues-ul" vor aduce pe scena festivalului nume de varf ale blues-ului din intreaga lume. Sighisoara Blues Festival, iata o incitanta si generoasa invitatie pentru iubitorii blues-ului, dar si pentru cei care vor deveni... dependenti de acesta muzica. Bine ai venit in lumea blues-ului!

Joi 24 Februarie 2011
Crossroads (Romania)
Little Brothers (USA)

Vineri 25 Februarie 2011
Diane Blue & Roberto Morbioli (USA)
Davina & the Vagabonds (USA)
Sambata 26 Februarie 2011
Steven De bruyn, Roland & Tony Gyselinck (Belgia)
Murali Coryell (USA)

Prezinta Berti Barbera
- in fiecare seara spectacolul incepe la ora 19:30
- 2 concerte pe seara a 80 min concertul
- Jam session-urile vor avea loc in crama hotelului Sighisoara (sus in cetate).

Pentru mai multe detalii click aici.

vineri, 21 ianuarie 2011

you've got m@il

In timp ce verificam emailul, citeam undeva in dreapta paginii de pe yahoo un titlu de articol care suna foarte simpatic "18 Common Work E-mail Mistakes". Citind, m-am trezit cu un zambet tot mai larg si de aceea am hotarat sa va impartasesc si voua pe blogul meu aceste randuri care sigur vor fura un ranjet din partea voastra, asa ca pentru sfarsit de saptamana.


1. Sending before you mean to. Enter the recipient's e-mail address only when your e-mail is ready to be sent. This helps reduce the risk of an embarrassing misfire, such as sending an important e-mail to the wrong person or e-mailing a half-written note.

2. Forgetting the attachment. If your e-mail includes an attachment, upload the file to the e-mail before composing it. This eliminates the embarrassing mistake of forgetting it before hitting "send," and having to send another e-mail saying you forgot to attach the document.

3. Expecting an instant response. Don't send an e-mail and show up at the recipient's desk 30 seconds later asking if they've received it. They did, and they'll answer at their convenience. That's the point of e-mail.

4. Forwarding useless e-mails. I've never seen a single e-mail forward at work that was beneficial. Whether it's a silly joke or a heartwarming charity, there's never a time to share an e-mail forward using your work e-mail.

5. Not reviewing all new messages before replying. When you return to the office after a week or more away, review all new e-mails before firing off responses. It might be hard to accept, but odds are, things did march on without you. Replying to something that was already handled by a co-worker creates extra communication, which can lead to confusion, errors, and at the very least, wasted time for everyone involved.

6. Omitting recipients when you "reply all." Unless there's an important reason to omit someone, don't arbitrarily leave people off the response if they were included on the original message.

7. Including your e-mail signature again and again. Nor do you need to include it at the end of an e-mail you send to your long-time co-worker who sits six feet away. If you have your e-mail program set to automatically generate a signature with each new message, take a second to delete it when communicating with someone who knows who you are. It's always wise to include your phone number, but the entire blurb with your title and mailing address is often nothing but clutter.

8. Composing the note too quickly. Don't be careless; write every e-mail as if it will be read at Saint Peter's Square during the blessing of a new Pope. Be respectful with your words and take pride in every communication.

9. Violating your company's e-mail policy. Many companies have aggressive spam filters in place that monitor "blue" language. From that famous four-letter word to simple terms, such as "job search," don't end up tripping the system by letting your guard down.

10. Failing to include basic greetings. Simple pleasantries do the trick. Say "hi" at the start of the message and "thanks" at the end. Be sure to use the recipient's name. Be polite yet brief with your courtesy.

11. E-mailing when you're angry. Don't do it. Ever. Recall buttons are far from a perfect science, and sending a business e-mail tainted by emotion is often a catastrophic mistake. It sounds cliche, but sleep on it. Save the message as a draft and see if you still want to send it the next morning.

12. Underestimating the importance of the subject line. The subject line is your headline. Make it interesting, and you'll increase the odds of getting the recipient's attention. Our inboxes are cluttered; you need to be creative and direct to help the recipient cut through the noise. You should consistently use meaningful and descriptive subject lines. This will help your colleagues determine what you're writing about and build your "inbox street cred," which means important messages are more likely to be read.

13. Using incorrect subject lines. Change the subject line if you're changing the topic of conversation. Better yet, start a new e-mail thread.

14. Sending the wrong attachment. If you double-check an attachment immediately before sending and decide that you need to make changes, don't forget to update the source file. Making corrections to the version that's attached to the e-mail does not often work, and it can lead to different versions of the same doc floating around.

15. Not putting an e-mail in context. Even if you were talking to someone an hour ago about something, remind them in the e-mail why you're writing. In this multi-tasking world of ours, it's easy for even the sharpest minds to forget what's going on.

16. Using BCC too often. Use BCC (blind carbon copy) sparingly. Even though it's supposed to be a secret, it rarely is. Burn someone once, and they'll never trust you again. Likewise, forwarding e-mail is a great way to destroy your credibility. When people send you something, they aren't expecting you to pass it on to your co-workers. The e-mail might make its way back to the sender, who will see that their original message was shared. They might not call you out on it, but they'll make a mental note that you can't be trusted.

17. Relying too much on e-mail. News flash! No one is sitting around staring at their inbox waiting for your e-mail. If something is urgent, use another means of communication. A red "rush" exclamation point doesn't compare to getting up from your desk and conducting business in person.

18. Hitting "reply all" unintentionally. This is a biggie. And it's not just embarrassing; depending on what you wrote in that e-mail, it can ruin your relationship with a co-worker or even your boss. Take extra care whenever you respond so you don't hit this fatal button.